Websites That Every Designer and Engineer Should Visit

Engineers and designers are by profession – problem solvers.  Finding the most useful, relevant and current engineering resources is a challenge in itself.  Moreover, keeping current with developing technologies, design tools and resources can be time consuming.  Listed below, are the most useful engineering and design websites that every engineering student and seasoned designer or engineer should be utilizing.

Engineers Edge:  Engineers Edge is massive, I counted more than 150,000 web pages ranging from electronic design and components, heat transfer, multiples of  structural deflection and stress tools, engineering fundamentals and more. There is premium and free access but I would suggest the premium access to get it all. This is my first stop for real world and academic design, manufacturing and engineering solutions. Use the search function to find new stuff – it’s that big!

Engineers Edge, design and engineering resources


eFunda stands for Engineering Fundamentals. Their stated mission is to create an online destination for the engineering community, where working professionals can quickly find concise and reliable information to meet the majority of their daily reference needs.

For most part, Efunda delivers college level material covered in engineering schools. If you practice engineering, more often than not you would find yourself searching for something you knew but could not quite remember. This web site is well worth the visit when the fundamentals of engineering is what you need.


Engineering Toolbox

“Resources, Tools and Basic Information for Engineering and Design of Technical Applications!”

Engineering toolbox has an extensive collection of engineering reference data, most in the form of engineering design tables and charts.  There are user friendly conversion calculators and easy to search and locate reference data that mostly connects with mechanical engineers.



Amesweb – Advanced Mechanical Engineering Solutions

Ames website is informative website which is being developed to be a reference source about mechanical engineering topics for mechanical engineers, machinists, engineering students and professionals from other disciplines.

Website content is mainly composed of engineering calculators related with mechanical engineering topics which are needed frequently in engineering applications. Calculator pages generally consist of engineering calculator, formulas used to develop the calculators, definitions, supplementary charts and tables.

Advanced Mechanical Engineering Solutions

Eng-Tips Frums:

Eng-Tips Engineering Forums – Is a diverse engineering forum with a wide variety of forum threads. Everything from mechanical engineering to Trends and Strategies. Eng-Tips has a very active contributor base in selected profession threads and can be very helpful when you need a sounding board, seeking an engineering solution and sourcing reference.

eng-tips forums

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