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  • Description:  Mechanical Systemss washing filling and capping three in one filling equipment is one high precision and speed water beverage filling machine, product design adopts bottle-neck block technology, not only avoid bottle-neck damage, but also can used for different bottle shapes filling in one machine. Without any change over parts. Greatly improve the equipment usage scope. Production capacity is from 3,000 bottles per hour to 22,000 bottles per hour can be chosen by customers. Main-frame machine adopts frequency conversiontiming motor, convenient adjustment speed within throughput. Specifications 1) Types a) Rinser / filler / capper monobloc b) Washing machine, filling machine, capping machine separated 2) Bottle material PET, glass, metal 3) Bottle volume 150ml - 2.5L, and we can special design according to the customers bottles other 4) Production capacity 50 - 240 bottles/min) Can design according to customers demands 6) We can supply filling line solution and filling machines for pure water, juice (tea) and soft drinks (carbonated drinks)