Now Playing: igus bearings are resistant to chips in machine tools
  • Description:  Increasing machine tool reliability Plastic linear and plain bearings from igus UK are increasingly replacing metal bearings and roller bearings in the machine tools sector due to their chip, dirt and dust resistant capabilities. All plastic bearings from igus are dry-running they do not require any lubrication and protect against the soiling of grease and oil that often lead to bearing failure. drylin linear bearings are designed to repel particles from the contact surface by the movement itself and because there are no rolling elements, such as those found in more conventional roller bearing systems, there is nowhere for chips and dirt to become trapped. This is especially beneficial for machine tools and their moving parts such as gliding doors and telescopic covers because of the arduous environment they have to operate in. The technical properties of igus’ “tribo-plastics” make them the obvious choice when selecting bearings for machine tools as they are totally maintenance free, withstand high temperatures, have low coefficients of friction, boast excellent wear resistance and absorb very little moisture.