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  • Description:  The rising cost of fuel is a topic that is high on the agenda for everyone; this is focussing our attention on the efficiency of our renewable energy solutions. Solar technology is not a new notion by any stretch of the imagination and solar power efficiency levels have increased dramatically – now solar panel manufacturers are exploring new and innovative techniques to reduce the cost of manufacturing the equipment. Plain bearings and spherical bearings are components that are traditionally used to support the movements of the solar panel while it tracks the sun’s rays for maximum efficiency. However, extreme temperatures and weather conditions caused by wind, water, dirt and dust take metallic bearings quickly to their performance limits. Plastic bearings from igus UK are made from tribopolymers (highly technical plastics); totally self-lubricating and requiring no maintenance, they are tested and proven to perform and last in these extreme environmental conditions, have a predictable lifetime and never fail catastrophically. For more information visit