Now Playing: Low cost robotic joint for humanoid robots
  • Description:  Robot developers and laboratories can now enjoy a lightweight, maintenance and corrosion free range of connection joints for humanoid systems; Robolink is suitable for use in areas of general lightweight construction, handling, automation, camera applications, etc. Designed and developed by plastics specialist igus, Robolink is a complete modular system that can be configured and expanded to any design and saves cost because there is no need for expensive milling, cutting or intricate assembly work. All of the heavy components are bundled centrally, so only the light plastic skeletal part is moved. The joint operates on the principle similar to a standard ball joint, with innovative draw-wire technology that allows the plastic parts to rotate and pivot freely. Furthermore, because the Robolink robotic joint is custom made from a single source, the combination of design freedom with simplicity is enormous. In addition to this, igus has developed a comprehensive range of accessories that includes flange shaft blocks for attaching the arms, interior divisions for the organised routing of the drive and data cables and a cable tensioner for straight forward re-tensioning of the system, as well as a cable pulley range for guidance. For more information visit http// NGMO-01