Now Playing: iglidur materials for use in knife-edge conveyors
  • Description:  Knife-edge conveyors are becoming increasingly popular, giving a compact and precise end to a conveyor. They are commonly used in food production machines, bottling lines and packaging systems, as well as point of sale units in supermarkets. Often the rollers at the end of these knife-edge conveyors are machined from stock bar and fitted with needle rollers; a low-cost and high performance alternative is to use iglidurĀ® materials from igus UK. Depending on the volume, these parts can be machined from iglidur plastic stock bar or moulded from igus plastic bearing materials. Typically the rollers have a small diameter, around 3 to 6 mm, are 50 to 100mm long, running at a pressure of 0.5 to 1 MPa and speed of between 0.3 and 0.4 m/s. Tests in the igus laboratory have shown that iglidur J, P210 and A180 are particularly well-suited to this application - iglidur A180 has the added advantage of being an FDA approved material. The use of iglidur materials in knife-edge conveyors ensure long-term maintenance and lubricant free operation, coupled with low noise, low wear and low cost. To find out more about how igus iglidur materials can be used for knife-edge conveyors, please contact igus UK on 01604 677240 or visit the igus UK welcome page for the packaging industry. http// _idENGMO-01