Now Playing: igus test drives e-chains for strength and reliability
  • Description:  e-chains last for millions of cycles e-chains from igus are extremely robust, and because they are produced from high tech plastics, they are flexible as well as tough. As a result, they are universally successful replacements for steel energy chains in almost any application. They do not corrode and do not need any lubrication, providing excellent reliability over a long service life. The lifespan of igus’ energy chains are guaranteed for millions of cycles but typically last much longer. This is pre-determined by the rigorous tests that all igus products go through. The tests consist of millions of cycles in real life applications as well as tests within the igus laboratory. For example, in one such test, an e-chain was used to lift a VW car 200 times per day. While this is clearly a demonstration rather than a real world situation, it shows the impressive strength and reliability of the igus e-chain. These tests reassure engineers, machine builders and OEMs that igus e-chains will improve the performance and reliability of their machine. This is backed-up by the large number of customers that report that igus e-chains “just don’t wear out!” igus stocks over 80,000 e-chain parts which are available from 24 hours and with no minimum order quantity. For more information visit http// 1